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Whether it’s storage or their bowl, keeping ants out of your cat’s food can be an annoying task. Ants may come into your home due to nearby construction, draught, or simply find an easy snack. But, ants are not attracted to the scent of the food in the first place. Below, we’re looking at how to keep ants out of your cat's food bowl and proper storage. Even if you have a dog and face this problem with ants, these tips can be helpful for both felines and canines alike.

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Clean the Ants, Then Store Food Properly

The first step of keeping ants out of your cat’s food bowl is to clean up and eliminate the insects currently dining where they don’t belong. Once they are gone, keep food in an airtight container when not in use.

For the food your cat will need, you may want to switch to an appropriate bowl or a closed food feeder which can help keep pests at bay.

Keep Their Eating Area Tidy

It’s one thing to clean your pet’s eating area but another to maintain its status as time goes by. Going to work, picking up kids from baseball practice, running errands, etc., can all get in the way of keeping your pet’s eating area tidy.

But if you don’t keep a clean space moving forward, you’ll find yourself right where you started. Always vacuum loose crumbs, clean up spills, change and wash bowls, etc. as part of your daily and weekly cleaning chores.

Furthermore, it’s important to clean your cat’s food and water bowls that are infested with ants as they leave a trail of pheromones which can attract more unwanted guests.

Create a Barrier

Creating a barrier between the food and the ants can help you keep them out of your cat’s dinner. However, here’s what you need to consider to do things safely for your feline:

  • Using an ant-proof cat bowl can help you create a water barrier to keep ants out of the food.
  • Vinegar can keep ants away and isn’t harmful to your cat, however, they are likely to be turned off by the smell and taste
  • Avoid the use of essential oils as consumption can be toxic for your pet.

Use the Best Ant Traps

Ant traps can help you get rid of pests in the food bowl, however, you’re going to want to read the label before use. Many traps are safe for pets and some sprays are as well, so long as they dry first. Always keep your pet away from such insecticides during and after application.

Call an Exterminator

Using a reputable exterminator is a great way to keep your pet’s food bowl clear of ants and other bugs.

Just like when using ant traps, you’re going to want to be sure that your exterminator is going to have a pet-friendly application method while keeping them away during the process.

This is a particularly important step for homes that are already facing an infestation where DIY methods have been exhausted with no relief in sight.

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Can Cats Eat Ants?

While cats can eat ants, it’s still best to keep their food separated from pests. There are several reasons including potential bites, an infestation of your home, and frankly, would you like to eat your meal filled with ants?

If your cat is acting weird after eating ants, always seek professional help; however, a few ants are unlikely to upset them.

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