Andriods Phones & Tablets

Android phones can be different from one another. The instructions below may not be exact for your device, but they should be similar enough for you to follow.

1. Press the Home key
2. Press the Menu key and tap Settings

3. Tap on Accounts and sync.

4. Tap on Add Account, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate (You should see one or the other, not both. The Corporate option is primarily found on Android-powered phones by Motorola.)

5. Enter in the email address and the password for the account. Then tap Next.
Tip: Tap the box below password to enable sending email from this account as default is you so choose. This option will appear if there will be more than one account.

6. Type in the following:
a. Domain\Username: MARCOA\yourusername (As sent to you in email)
b. Password: Your email password
c. Exchange Server:
d. Use secure connection (SSL): Should be checked
Tap Next.

7. The below shot shows successful communication with the Exchange server.

8. Tap on Email frequency and tap on how often to push/pull data
Tip: For best results leave this option on Automatic (Push) to have emails sent to your phone as soon as the server receives them.

9. Tap on Amount to synchronize and tap on how many days’ worth of information to be pushed to the device.

10. Tap on the other available options to either enable or disable. Tap on Next to continue.

11. Input a name for the account and the name you would like transmitted on outgoing message, tap Done when complete.
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